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Focus Group!

I am so excited to be heading off to for a week long vacation with my wife's family!

Each of my neices and nephews between the ages of 10 and 16 have agreed to read my book and give feedback at our annual family get together.

I am so fortunate to have an instant focus group of varied ages, genders and from different areas of the country to boot!.

Nine kids and I will meet over ice cream to discuss edits and changes needed to make "The New Recruits" (working title) a better book for kids in their age range to pick up and read.

A "Don't worry about hurting my feelings" email had to be sent out. A testament to the kind of wonderful kids being raised in our family.

I have also had the great compliment, that a few of their parents have emailed to tell me that once they picked it up, they had to pry it out of their hands at church and bedtime.

I look forward to taking their comments, along with those of a two wonderful women I am working with, into making the text ready to be sent out to agents in the field.

Can't wait to report on the results!

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