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James A. Mosteller, a native Floridian, presently resides in the capital city of Tallahassee where he is at  work polishing his first book for early teens and has begun work on its sequel.   He has taken inspiration from the experiences that shaped his life in high school, the Army and college as well as that creative imagination that he never quite got under control.

A married father of three kids and two dogs, James is a recovering legislative lobbyist.  He is a Desert Storm Veteran who served in the Army prior to attending the University of South Florida in Tampa.   James now divides his time between taking care of his family, volunteering as a Cub Scout Leader and writing.  


When he's not writing James and the family like to go camping to try to help cut their digital leashes and get some solid family time. His kids just wonder... "When can we camp without all the rain?"  

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