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What I'm Reading...

Growing up I really didn't read unless something about the book bowled me over from the beginning.   My wife really helped transform me into a big reader.  Now, I am typically reading two to three books at once.   I almost need to read that much in order to help push out all of the noise of the world.    I love being transported to wherever the author has decided to send us, the readers.   It doesn't matter the genre I love being so immersed that you can almost smell the damp soil the character has just stepped on as you read.

Library of Souls
by Ransom Riggs

The third book in his series following the dangerous adventures of a group of peculiar children.  


It's a bit dark and the new twists on the creatures inhabiting Wonderland are so cool!

Skeleton Key
by Anthony Horowitz

A 14 year old boy who has been secretly trained for spy work on adventure vactions is suddenly thrust into spying for the UK.  Lots of fun!

The Name of This Book is Secret
by Pseudonomous Bosch


My oldest daughter has been pummelling me with a request to this series telling me how much she loves the creative way the author created the story line.   OK, OK, I'm reading it!

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