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Short Stories?

In a way to help keep my writing going and fresh, I decided to try to continue my storyline while entering a contest and write about what has happened to one of my characters during Christmas break.

I checked all over the website of the organization hosting the contest and could not find their definition of a short story. So I looked on the web. Well, the first and best answer I stumbled on was 4,000 words.

So off I went.

I was 2,700 words in and I felt like I was flowing well, looking forward to wrapping up my tale in the next 1,300 words when I re-checked the website and found that their short story competition word limit was 1,500 words.

How do I go back and edit it? I was having so much fun with family interaction, the character trying new foods and drinks for the first time, etc. Uggh!!

1500 words would have made me squeal in school, now I find that it is hardly enough to get going. Maybe this will be good practice for editing or maybe I'll just start all over.

Oh well, back to the keyboard.

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