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I wrote a book! Now What?

I recently finished my first book! I was so excited when I typed in that last period. I briskly walked from my living room into my bedroom and announced to my wife. "I'm done. I finished it." She looked at me and without missing a beat said. "Great! Now the real work of editing it begins." I was crestfallen. She was right, but at that moment I wanted to wrap up my new baby and go introduce it to the whole world, warts and all.

But nobody wants to look at a baby with warts so going on the advice of Delilah S. Dawson and have stuck it in a drawer and not looked at it.

I have, however, given it to two trusted, highly talented women to "red pen it mercilessly."

We still had a few weeks of gymnastics left (sitting in the audience while my kids practiced is where I did most of my writing) so I thought I'd get started on the next one.

So I have been swinging back and forth between putting together my pitch letters to potential agents, researching who these agents are and starting the next book while I wait for the murdered manuscript.

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